Company History


Expansion of assembly hall and warehouse 2


Expansion of manufacturing capacity with a new injection molding machine. With a locking force of 500 tons we can now produce also larger and thin-walled parts.


Acquisition of the Rean Knobs product line.


Expansion of assembly hall and warehouse 1


Thanks to the new informative internet presence our clients and anyone interested get an overview of our company, our products and our services in no time.


Change of owner and acquisition of Grabher GmbH by Helmut Schneider.


Relocation to the new plant in Alemannenstrasse 19 in 6973 Höchst, Austria.


1968 – 1974

Begin of the own production of injection molding parts. Ski pole baskets and grips are produced with a Netstal injection molding machine. All along quality and reliability were the guiding principles for my father’s work. Success confirmed the validity of this consequence.


Foundation of the company Bodenseesport by Egon Grabher. For the time being sporting goods, in particular for winter sports (ski, ski poles, …), are distributed by wholesalers.